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Reps for a Reason

If we could turn just 1% of our reps into dollar pledges, we could change the world.

Work out.  With a purpose.

Sharing Highlights

from member: SoldierFuel

• SoldierFuel donated a case of bars for every mile one of the brothers rode in the Ride 2 Recovery "Ride with the Heros" DC trek.  The mileage was 49 miles, so 49 cases (3,087 bars) have been donated to R2R to date.  But we're not stopping there... we're still going!

• Soldier Fuel pledged $15 per pullup to All

in All the Time and Stamp Out Stigma. 

One of the brothers got 23.5, and SoldierFuel donated $352.

• July 2015 - At the Wesson 2-Mile Race in Mississippi, one of the brothers pledged $5 to charity for each second he shaved off his training time (from personal funds this time, not company charitable giving).  His 11:59 time meant 101 seconds shaved, and that meant $505 sent to Kentucky Colonels Good Works, Safe House of the Desert, and Gallant Few.

• A friend challenged one of the brothers to

do a personal RFAR for her favorite charity.  At $5 per pullup.  22 of them meant a quick $110 to St. Jude's.  (Truth is, he thought he'd get more.  So he was kinda bummed.  Next time, he's gunning for 27! )

Fitness is flexible.

Your reps don't have to be pullups.  They can be breaches during training. 




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