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Work-outs with a purpose.

Reps for a Reason

Reps for a Reason is the pioneering mission-driven initiative that ties fundraising to fitness.


Think of the millions of reps we do every day at the gym.  All that energy and effort is making us fit.  But what if it could also make a change?  What if we converted those reps into money for good causes?

Pick your charity

Pledge $ per rep

Track your reps

Change lives

Reps for a Reason encourages you to set a workout goal and attach a charitable pledge to it.  Go for your max number of pull-ups, or sit-ups, and commit a dollar (or ten) for each one. 


If we could turn just 1% of our reps into dollar pledges, we could change the world.

- the D'Andrea Brothers


Sit-ups for SEALs

Soldier Fuel energy bars pledged $5 for every sit-up one of the founding brothers got at the Gold's Gym Games.  He got 644.  So Soldier Fuel donated $3,320 to wounded vets through the SEAL Legacy Foundation.


SEAL leg.jpg

Riding bikes at 90 bpm (bars per mile)

SoldierFuel donated a case of bars for every mile one of the founding brothers rode in the Ride 2 Recovery "Ride with the Heroes" DC half-day trek for wounded warriors.  The mileage was 49 miles, so 49 cases (3,087 bars, or $6,000 worth) were donated to R2R. 

r2r new total.jpg


Acrobatic soccer juggling for cops

The brothers who make Soldier Fuel and StressKiller wanted to donate some good nutrition to the men and women of the DC police.  So one of the brothers enlisted his son.  The pledge: if his son can juggle consecutively through a jungle gym without mishap, then for every touch his son gets on the ball, Soldier Fuel pledges $110 worth of Soldier Fuel and Stress Killer for the DC police.  The lad got 37 touches.  So they donated $4,070 worth of Soldier Fuel and StressKiller to the DC Police.

SF officer carey.jpg


Share yours

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For now, the SoldierFuel brothers are priming the pump by doing RFARs for our favorite charities and getting some friends in on the act, too.  But we invite you to join in!

Pull-ups for Fisher House

Lt. Col. John Fox suggested an RFAR for Fisher House of Keesler Air Force Base.  The Soldier Fuel brothers liked the idea.  So we pledged $25 per pull-up that he got.  He tallied 13 (and sent us proof), so we sent a check for $325 to Fisher House.  



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