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When you travel through America a lot, you notice the church signs. 

They're everywhere.  Sometimes they shout from a downtown street corner.  Sometimes they whisper out of the darkness of the Appalachian hinterland.  And they always have something relevant to say.

So I started "collecting" them.  Over the years, I've taken photos of 750+ church signs in 39 different states.


Turns out they aren't just signs.  They're signs from above.  In 280 characters or fewer.  God's tweets.

So I'm publishing a photo book that lets everyone experience them.  The 365 best church signs from all over the country.  One for each day of the year.  (And I have enough photos for a Volume 2, too).  There will also be a calendar.


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God's Tweets gets big engagement on social media.  This social media presence will be a huge help in marketing the book.  (Below is a single recent post, shared to both facebook and instagram).

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A sampling of the church signs I've collected...


A beta test version of the app has already been successfully launched.  It allows users to add their own church signs, geolocate them, share and discuss them, create communities around them, and track and create various "best of" and "top ten" lists (e.g. the Top Ten most inspiring God's Tweets).  Users can even go on "church sign trails," visiting the churches that tend to post the best messages.  The app will drive engagement, foster general happiness in the digital community... and boost book sales.

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